Luxury Quality Leather Jackets are Supposed to be $500 +... How are Yours Less Than Half That? 

As a bootstrap start-up, we have no middleman, no storefront, minimal overhead and we are all online. Staying lean and keeping prices low while maintaining high-quality standards.

Our ethos is about is more than about maximizing our margins. We want to be unique in every way that we can, including prices.

Finally, our jackets are sourced from Pakistan. A country with a rich history of artisans that produce stunning leather products. Often misrepresented in the media, Pakistani products are often undervalued. This works to our advantage. We are able to obtain a premium quality of leather and craftsmanship on the level of other luxury brands.


Can I the Leather Jackets in the Rain?
A bit of rain is fine. If you are planning on wearing these leather jackets in heavy rain or snow, We highly recommend getting some mink oil or beeswax or any other well-known leather conditioner. Apply a small amount to the inner part of the jacket first to see how it reacts with the jacket. Most care products will darken the colour of the jacket so test it out first. If you need the jacket to be cleaned, please take it to a local leather specialist. Do not machine wash or hand wash these jackets. For more details, check out the "Leather" page.


What are your shipping and return policies?

Once an order has been placed, it will take 2-3 business days for orders to be processed. 


All sales are final unless there is an obvious flaw or issues with the quality of the jacket caused during the manufacturing process. If this is the case, we will accept returns so if the jacket is received in new condition; unworn and with tags still on them. Items returned with obvious use, makeup, deodorant, perfume, or similar product stains may be subject to refusal. We accept returns postmarked within 5 business days (one week) of the delivery date. After 7 days of the ship date, all sales are final. The customer is responsible for any return shipping charges. Once we have received the returned jacket, a full refund or exchange can be issued.

Since we are a small company,  we will not accept size exchanges. Rare cases may be considered but nothing is guaranteed. We highly recommend taking your time and choosing the right size before purchase. We are always here to answer any questions. 


Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, we do. Please note in a lot of cases, shipping prices will be much higher when shipping to countries outside of North America. Please also keep in mind that you are responsible for any customs duties or taxes that might be applied to the shipment.