We are named after Apollo, the god of music, poetry, art, archery, medicine, light, and knowledge. Our namesake is the epitome of confidence and we believe that self-confidence is the key to everything in life.

Pursuing what you want in life, having the relationships you want, and knowing that you are capable of anything starts with fundamentally believing in yourself.

As the founder of Threads of Apollo, I want those who connect with our ethos to be the best version of themselves. We will all go through many challenges in life that plant self-doubt into our minds. That’s why each product is an ode to a specific namesake, to remind each wearer to keep pushing through hardship and adversity.

Our goal is to take that essence of Apollo and apply it to our brand in hopes that it resonates with you. Let us handle the jackets so you can focus on being the best version of you.


Threads of Apollo follows a simple ethos: 

To provide premium quality Leather Jackets and other Leather goods that are accessible and without compromise. This includes:

- Offer our products at a fair price

- Design jackets with utility in mind

- Make our jackets wearable in any weather 

- Focus on premium materials 

- Reduce waste and do what we can to leave a positive footprint

We are meticulous in each jacket's design and commitment to comfort. Our jackets are ethically produced in small quantities and hand stitched to ensure the highest quality.