Crown of Zeus | Hat


Made from a brushed chino twill fabric, our hat ensures that your head will be kept cool rather than trap heat when wearing it. Designed as a structured and adjustable ball cap and embroidered with the company logo, we wanted something to make something that was in line with our jackets and gloves. Minimalist, yet elegant.  

Outer Shell:

  • 100% Brushed Chino Twill Fabric. 

  • Size Adjustable Velcro Strap.
  • Embroidered Logo.

Zeus was the Olympian God of thunder and the sky. Known as the king of all gods and men in Greek Mythology, Zeus ruled the world from his throne on top of Mount Olympus. He was usually portrayed with a thunderbolt on the one hand and a sceptre in the other. His crown, which was made from oak leaves from his sacred tree, was his true symbol of kingship. At times Zeus was known to be unpredictable. Anyone who angered him would face his justice. His respect, however, was gained through his wise, fair and merciful actions. The gods and even the Titans knew that, when they saw the crown approach them, they saw wisdom and they saw the power.

Blessed with Zeus’ essence, let this crown aid you when you feel powerless. Channel your inner king and make your presence felt. Respect others but also demand respect yourself.  

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