Ancient Greece had many great warriors. Few were on the level of Achilles. It was foreseen by an oracle that if Achilles was to join the Greeks during the Trojan War, victory was inevitable. After some hesitation, Achilles joined the Greeks and victory soon followed. What made Achilles so effective was that he conquered fear. He used it to his will, against his enemies and even the gods themselves. Battle after battle, Achilles was relentless. Nothing could stop Achilles… except for Achilles himself. Already known for his all-consuming rage; his initial pursuit of greatness and glory was derailed by his thirst for vengeance against the man who killed his cousin. Although Achilles got his revenge, his lack of self-awareness and rage made him reckless. He was shot with an arrow through his only weak spot, his heel.

A straightforward style with a removable hood; our take on the racer jacket can dressed up or down. With its minimalist design and soft & supple full-grain sheep skin leather exterior, we wanted to provide a clean look without sacrificing luxury. The threads that keep this jacket together are imbued with Achilles' essence. Achilles was unstoppable, however, not accepting his flaws was his downfall. Let this jacket be a reminder that, you are a warrior of life. Being self-aware of who you are as a person and embracing your flaws will allow you to reach your full potential.