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Who am I? I'm batman...that was bad I know but I will leave it in here anyway. My name is Wakkas. I am the founder of Threads of Apollo (ToA). I don’t know when exactly it started. Somewhere between graduating from University with a useless degree (any poli sci majors out there know what I’m talking about) and working a dead-end 9 to 5 office job; I hit my quarter life crises. Life wasn’t exciting, and I felt stuck. The way things were going were frustrating as hell but to be honest, I had myself to blame. Being sheltered most of my life didn't help. I am the youngest of four, coasted through school and never had to take any responsibility in life. As I got older, I had to start growing up. And I was but progress was slow. It came to a point where I gave myself an ultimatum; either I needed to change by habits drastically to come close to the person I wanted to be or accept an unfulfilling mediocre life.  

Giving myself that ultimatum worked.... kind of. I was slowly settling for this "middle ground" where I was taking more responsibility, but it was towards something else. I was aiming to settle for a cushy 9 to 5 government job for 25 years and then retire. I figured that, even though it wasn't what I wanted in life, maybe I could turn my dreams into hobbies and live with that. Hell, it would have made my parents happy. Every time I got close to accepting that reality, there was always this nagging voice telling me "you can't have any regrets". There was no one who thought less of me than I did (still do but working on it). I think, though, one of the things I was/am most proud of, was the fact that, I never suppressed that voice. It got to a point where that voice became so loud, I had to give it my full attention.

So, I did. The person I wanted to be felt so far from who I was, but I wanted to at least try and reach that person. And part of that was developing a sense of style so I could express myself through fashion. There was one big hurdle though. The apparel I wanted was too expensive. I could barely make a dent in my student loans which I needed to (and still need to) pay off. It wasn’t responsible for me to spend money I didn’t have on apparel that I badly wanted.

It's funny how life works. I remember my uncle telling me how I could get amazing quality leather jackets overseas, straight from the source, for a fraction of the price. I always brushed it off as something “too good to be true”. That was until one day when I said to myself “I can’t afford the one I want so let’s try it”. So, I asked my uncle to send me one….and I was blown away. The day I got that jacket, was the day the idea of starting ToA was born.

Working on ToA has forced me to reach that person I want to be at an exponential rate. I am still so far off. But I am making good progress. After a year and a half of perfecting the jackets, juggling life, working 2 jobs, testing out a crowd funding campaign, Threads of Apollo is finally ready to go public. I am proud of getting this far but there is a shit ton of work to do. If anyone tells you being an entrepreneur is easy...they are lying...lying I say!!!

So, no doubt, I want anyone who visits this site to buy something. Ideally a jacket but anything!! But I also want to make sure that if you buy something, you'll be blown away by the quality for the price, so you won't have that hurdle that I did. And I also hope that the stories for each product you get, will help you on your journey to be the person you want to be and do what you want to do in life.
Founder - Threads of Apollo.